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Erie County, NY Public Records

Erie County public records refer to any information generated, filed, or held by a local agency. The public also has a statutory right to view public records in New York under the Freedom of Information law, though exemptions exist. Vital records like birth or adoption are confidential under state law. The same goes for marriage, divorce, and death records unless a specific time has passed. Eligible requesters include parents, spouses, close relatives, and legal representatives, who would obtain them from the Vital Records Office of the State Health Department. Vital records are priced at $30, though, for each copy. Property records are available for public viewing as well via the County Clerk Online Record Search.

Courts in Erie County

Court Records in Erie County, New York

There is a significant presumption toward open access for Erie County court records following judicial law 255. However, this entails exemptions such as family, marital, criminal, and adoption records. The courts can also seal other records if they find a good reason to do so. Record seekers may get civil and criminal case files by visiting specific county courthouses in person or via mail. Alternatively, interested individuals may get court records on New York’s state-unified court platform. To obtain records for specific cases, requesters may go to the search page and input case numbers as well as the year the case was heard. Erie County also allows public access to a sex offender registry. Requesters may get lists of level 2 and 3 sex offenders in the county.

Court Name:
25 Delaware Avenue

Jails and Prisons in Erie County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Erie County, New York

Inmate records are considered public information following the Freedom of Information laws. These records are maintained by the New York State Department of Corrections, which also provides an inmate look up tool. By using it, record seekers may determine the inmate’s physical well-being, characteristics, criminal charges, sentencing information, and the detaining facility. One would only need to input the inmate’s name and booking number. Inmates at the county jails can also receive in-person or video visits from pre-approved individuals. Interested parties, though, have to schedule in advance using a designated app. They also have to adhere to set rules concerning dressing and visiting hours. Erie County has nine jails and prisons, serving 950,683 residents. It is ranked 53rd out of 62 in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
Middle Road, P.O. Box 490
South Road, P.O. Box 350

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Erie County

Arrest Records in Erie County, New York

Arrest records are documents generated when individuals are apprehended following suspected criminal activity. They contain the arrestee’s physical details, charges, the arresting officer, and the context of detainment. Erie County arrest records do not fall under the provisions of the New York Freedom of information statutes, considering they form part of the criminal records. Ongoing investigations, family incidents, and other sensitive cases are exempt from public records. Eligible record seekers of restricted records would include the parties, law enforcement, legal representatives, and correctional facilities. Non-confidential arrest records may be attained from the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services. Erie County has 43 police departments, and the crime rate is 27.29 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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